Healing and Freedom


Its Time for Healing and Freedom! This book is the main source of ministry preparation and introduction to Restoring The Foundations Ministry general concepts.

:: By Restoring The Foundations, International
:: 6″x9″ Paperback
:: 68 Pages

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Healing and Freedom: Shed Your Baggage, Unmask The Lies, Experience Lasting Healing and Freedom

:: By Restoring The Foundations, International
:: 6×9″ Paperback
:: 68 Pages

Its Time for Deep and Permanent Healing and Freedom
Have you wondered why all of your problems did not instantly go away the moment you accepted Jesus into your life?
Do you find yourself struggling with sin patterns that you cannot overcome?

• Have you experienced hurts that keep you from living the life you desire?

• Do you find yourself wondering if this is all there is to the abundant life that Jesus promised?

• If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions, There Is Hope!

In Healing and Freedom, you will discover how the Integrated Approach, pioneered by Restoring The Foundations founders Chester and Betsy Kylstra, is vital to unlocking deep and permanent healing and freedom for yourself and your family.