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Dennis and Debbie draw from more than forty years of married-life experiences, including 22 years of military life (Dennis is a retired USAF officer), the death of a 6-year-old child from cancer, financial struggles, parenting a child with ADHD, and overcoming major teenage rebellion. As marriage coaches, both firmly believe that neither is capable of completing the other, but rather choose to complement one another. They’ve mentored younger couples, led marriage small group studies, and facilitated a Compassionate Friend support group. They enjoy traveling, working, and ministering together and are each other’s “Best Friend Forever” (BFF) – for life. Not intimidated by change (in the military, they moved every 2-3 years!), they love to discover and explore new places, adventures, and cultures. Their favorite past times are exploring the outdoors by walking the beach, hiking mountainous trails, and observing God’s masterful handiwork; living in North Carolina, they enjoy all of these.

Our Connection to Restoring The Foundations

In 2009, Debbie received Restoring the Foundations ministry and was set free from the shame of childhood sexual abuse and the false identity of not feeling good enough. Dennis was so thankful for his “new” wife that he knew he wanted healing too. So, after 20-years of depression controlling him, their marriage, and their family, Dennis received a significant breakthrough during his Restoring the Foundations ministry. God revealed to him that his depression was generational and that, when his son died, “his spirit crawled into the coffin too.” During the Soul/Spirit Hurts (SSH) session, Dennis had a vision of their deceased son jumping up and down in Heaven shouting, “My dad’s out of the coffin! He’s free from the coffin!” Dennis’ depression fled when he saw his son whole and happy!

Ministry Distinctives

Our one true passion is marriage and family. God has given us such a capacity to love and accept others without prejudice or judgment. We’re a team, with Dennis providing strong leadership and administrative gifts and Debbie being an encourager, motivator, and connector. Our hearts are to be “a Dad and Mom in the faith,” loving young (and any age) couples God sends us. While marriage is our niche, we also have an anointing to minister to those caught in sexual addiction, same-sex attraction, and/or pornography.

Taking that first step is often hard so we’ve made it easy for you. Call or email us. We’ll listen. We’ll be there for you. And we’ll walk with you all the way through to healing. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you get your life back on track. Call today to schedule an appointment.