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We love the path God has us on, and the joy that comes from meeting His children; people from all around the world and from all walks of life. He reveals to us the beauty and uniqueness He has placed within each person. We have been called to the nations since 2006, serving short-term in many countries including Mozambique, Mongolia, and longer-term in Guatemala, and now in Houston, Texas. We go wherever Father sends us.

We love travel, exploring new places, trying new foods, learning new cultures and meeting new people. We also enjoy quiet times, long walks on a beach, hammocks, sunsets, watching the stars and listening to the rainfall.

The revelation of God as our true Father – His loving intimacy, and the deep healing we each experienced – changed our lives. It opened doors for us to become a spiritual father and mother to others; to pour the love He pours into and through us, into their lives. His love is a fountain we love to refresh and play in and splash onto others.

Our Connection to Restoring The Foundations

Our connection to Restoring the Foundations is one of God’s many miracles in our lives. In 2008, we came off the mission field for our own healing, not realizing that, one day, we would become Restoring the Foundations ministers. The mission field is a place that starkly exposes issues in a person’s life. Our week of healing in Hendersonville brought us closer as a couple and gave us new eyes. When we returned to the mission field, we could clearly see the need for healing to be brought to missionaries, on the field. God gave us His purpose for our mission. In 2009, we became Healing House Network ministers, and ministered to missionaries on the field in Guatemala for three years. We were God’s M.A.S.H. unit there. We continue to minister to missionaries on the field several times a year.

Ministry Distinctives

Our passion is to see you discover your true identity as a son or daughter of God; to celebrate the freedom of living in your God-given identity, and to personally experience the Father’s love. That’s the life you begin living as He brings restoration, healing and truth through His Love. We invite you into a safe place to experience a healing time filled with His Love . . .

You, your life, your purpose, your identity are valuable jewels in God’s kingdom. Every person, every life, every son, every daughter is cherished by our Daddy…who loves us so very much He sent his Son to die so that our relationship with Him could be restored. Our deepest desire is for you to know who you are in Him; to be free from everything that keeps you from walking in the unique and special identity He placed in you; freedom from fear, shame, and trying to be someone you’re not; free to walk in your true identity.

We would love to hear from you, to share how God can heal your heart and to help you better understand how He wants to free you from issues in your life. We are often scheduled several months ahead, but God’s timing is always perfect. And we have resources to help you begin to prepare your heart for deep and lasting healing.