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One of our core values as a couple is to live a balanced life. Although ministry is very important to us, we also treasure our times with our adult children and our grandchildren. We love to travel to new places, to camp, go to the beach, exercise, study the Bible, and to enjoy the simple things in life, like a beautiful sunset or a meal on our back porch.

Our Connection to Restoring The Foundations

Our friends in the Healing House Network are people of like heart and when we get together, it feels like a welcoming family reunion. They challenge us to grow and they inspire us with their love for God and people.
We began our Restoring the Foundations training in 1993 and we became members of the Healing House Network when it was organized in 2000. We wanted to be available to minister to and to train people around the world, including business and church leaders.

Ministry Distinctives

Our passion is to create a safe place where people can experience healing and a greater intimacy with God and others. Our special interest is in the area of applying Restoring the Foundations principles in relationships for singles, couples, families, business, or church groups. Although we believe that RTF can restore hope for those who are hurting, we also believe it is able to empower those who desire to continue to grow to their maximum potential.

We can honestly say that we come to each ministry occasion eager to meet with our ministry receiver, so ministry times are filled with a fresh anticipation of God’s goodness and trust in His faithfulness.

We welcome you to contact us to ask questions or to talk about the possibility of scheduling your ministry with us.