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In 2007, we arrived at the RTF International Training Center at Echo Mountain for ministry unaware we were hiding behind strong walls that protected our hurt hearts. Our walls guarded us from Father God, each other, and especially ourselves. Through His love and RTF ministry, Jesus dismantled our walls and pulled us into Father’s loving embrace. His love now makes the hug we share with each other our favorite place to be.

Each day brings anticipation because we are living our dream—helping others find Father’s embracing love. When we are not ministering, we spend time with each other, family and friends. We garden, read, watch movies and travel. Some travel is to an orphanage in Mexico to minister RTF to workers, leaders and area churches.

Our Connection to Restoring The Foundations

Shortly after arriving to receive ministry we knew we were destined to become RTF ministers because of the incredible healing we received. We stayed three months and became part of the RTF Family of Healing House Network Ministers. We left restored and filled with renewed passion and love and are now moving into full-time RTF ministry.

Our home church embraces and promotes RTF ministry. All pastors, leaders, and many in our congregation have experienced RTF. Restoration is woven into the fabric of our core values. ‘You are Loved,’ written on the wall of our sanctuary, defines who we are. Our church is a gathering place for regional churches so we are privileged to minister to people from many different backgrounds and experiences.

Ministry Distinctives

Creating a ‘safe place’ so you can openly share your heart is our priority. We work diligently to build your trust in us. We encourage you to ‘prepare’ for ministry by praying and we suggest reading material to help familiarize you with RTF ministry. Being open and transparent with God, with our ministers, and especially with our selves, made our personal healing experiences very profound. We want that level of healing for you so you can receive all that God has for you.

Our passion is to help your relationship with Father God be restored, renewed and refreshed. Please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to chat with you through email, telephone, Skype, or meet with you personally so we can answer your questions and help you get to know us.