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Frank & Cheryl Andrassy


North Carolina

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We enjoy being on the lake fishing or just sitting and reading or playing board games. We have regular game nights with family and friends. We love our time with our family. We have four children and five grandchildren. We have been married for over 40 years. We have had our share of ups and downs, in our marriage and with our children. We connect with people by being vulnerable and not judging. Our home has always been open, and we have never met a stranger.

Our Connection to Restoring The Foundations

We have been trained in various healing prayer models. When we attended a Hope and Freedom seminar, we loved the integrated approach. We became church-based Issue Focus Ministers. It was amazing to see the transformation taking place right before our eyes. Our faith just soars as we watch Jesus come and heal broken hearts. We have both been receiving various degrees of healing for over 10 years It is miraculous to see how intimately Jesus meets His children and restores them to a relationship with Him.

Restoring the Foundations has four major areas: The Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses Ungodly beliefs, soul spirit hurts, and Demon oppressions. This integrated approach begins with chipping away at the mortar (SOFCs), then pushing over the bricks which protect our hearts (UGB’s) then finally, digging up the foundation (Soul-Spirit Hurts) By the time you get to Demonic Oppression, they just leave. That is the key, you need to go through each of these processes to become more like the Bride of Christ.

Ministry Distinctives

We love Holy Spirit and have come to depend on Him for almost everything. Living the RTF lifestyle has been a blessing for us, our kids, our grandkids, and our family. What we love about Holy Spirit is, once you open the door and give Him permission to heal your heart, healing becomes continuous. As RTF says, ” a lifestyle.” We are becoming the bride more and more to meet our bridegroom.

Song of Songs 4:14 – Like eagles, we fly above our wounds free from the past as we walk in intimacy with Him.

It is our heart’s desire to see God’s children live in intimacy with Him. We love watching hearts get transformed, minds renewed, and lives changed, as your true identity is restored to who you were called to be. We are excited to meet you and do this journey with you. Do not hesitate to go on the journey God has called you to.